Monday, March 31, 2014

Fact #2: Rob Ford's campaign manager is paid $400/day. By taxpayers.

Update: Doug Ford served as his brother's campaign manager from January 4th until Rob dropped out on September 12th. In those 251 days he earned $72,478 as a city councillor, despite having one of the worst attendance records at City Hall.
It is not known if Doug is still Rob's campaign manager in the race for Ward 2.


It's true. Doug Ford is Rob's full-time campaign manager and a sitting City Councillor. Rather than take an unpaid leave of absence, he's continuing to receive his $105,397 city salary. That's $2,026 per week, or $405 per day.

Why should I care?

Doug Ford is just an "Average Joe" trying to hold down three full-time jobs (campaign manager, business executive and city councilor). Luckily for Doug, taxpayers pick up the tab for his city council position. City employees must take an unpaid leave of absence to work full-time on a political campaign, but elected politicians are exempt. Residents of Ward 2 can sleep soundly knowing that they are paying good money for Doug to campaign endlessly while spending several hours a week (one hopes) on his day job. 

What makes this scheme great (for Rob and Doug, at least), is that Toronto taxpayers are picking up the tab for Rob's political team. Over the ten-month election period, taxpayers are effective donating almost $88,000 to Rob's campaign. Not bad, especially when you consider that the other campaigns have to pay for their own staff out of their own pockets.

+10 points to Rob and Doug for doing such a good job of respecting taxpayers' money.

How do I know you're not making this up?

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