Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fact #1: Rob Ford misses over half of council votes before 10:00am


It's true. For the 2-year period from April 2012-March 2014, City Council held 191 votes before 10:00am. Rob voted "No" on 7, "Yes" on 81 and was "Absent" for 103.

Why should I care?

For a guy who says he is the "hardest working politician" at City Hall, and has "never missed a day of work in 14 years", he sure does take his time to get in to the office. Maybe he's rescuing kittens or personally fixing potholes on the way in to the office, or maybe he stayed up late negotiating peace in the Middle East. He certainly wouldn't let personal issues get in the way of work.

How do I know you're not making this up?

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