Friday, April 4, 2014

Fact #6: Rob Ford promised "up to 10" new subway stations by 2015 and built 0


It’s true. Another one of Rob Ford's transit-related campaign promises was an ambitious infrastructure program for the TTC:

"By 2015: We will complete the Sheppard Avenue Line as a subway line.
This will include 12 km of new track and up to 10 new stations between Downsview and Scarborough Town Centre. Cost: $3 Billion.

We will extend the Bloor-Danforth Line to Scarborough Town Centre.
This will run on the elevated SRT platform and will connect to the
Sheppard line at Scarborough Town Centre, completing a “closed loop”
making travel across Toronto much easier. Cost: $1 Billion.(2010 Transit Plan p.2) 

Rob's Sheppard subway plan failed to gain either funding or approval, and the LRT from Don Mills to Scarborough Town Centre is proceeding as planned. The Bloor-Danforth line extension has been funded, but is still in the planning stages and will be stopping well short of the Town Centre.

Why should I care?

Rob will promise anything to get elected. In this case, any rational observer could tell that it is impossible to plan, build and open two major subway extensions in only four years. When Rob made this promise he either didn't understand how subway construction works, didn't tell the truth to taxpayers and/or just didn't care.

In his 2014 election platform Rob is promising a subway on Sheppard (yet again), a subway on Finch and the Downtown Relief Line. Rob's latest subway promises ignore the recommendations of transportation planners and are completely unfunded. There is also no date attached to any of his pipe dreams. Regardless of whether one supports a subway or above-ground trains in Scarborough, it is quite clear that Rob's transit plans were and are meaningless promises made to capture votes from trusting taxpayers.

Rob had four years to put a shovel in the ground, but it's not clear that he even knows where the shovels are kept.

How do I know you’re not lying?

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