Monday, April 7, 2014

Fact #9: Rob Ford spent Canada Day weekend at his cottage and Family Day weekend at his crack house


It's true (or at least it's allegations-not-yet-proven-in-court-but-captured-on-video-and-wiretaps). Rob Ford has repeatedly declined to participate in Toronto's Pride Parade since it conflicts with his annual cottage retreat. As he stated in June 2013:
“If it falls on the day that I’m going up, the weekend I’m going up to the cottage, unfortunately, my family comes first,” Ford repeated. “We’ve had a tradition of going away every Canada Day. And that tradition’s not going to be broken.”
On last year's Family Day weekend (February 16th-18th 2013), Rob Ford did not make it up north. Instead, on Sunday evening he went to his friend's house at 15 Windsor Road and smoked crack:
“At one point Mayor FORD holds the glass cylinder to his mouth. Lights the lighter and applies the flame to the tip of the glass cylinder in a circular motion. After several seconds Mayor FORD appears to inhale the vapour which is produced, then exhale the vapour."
It's not known who else is in the room with Ford, but it's pretty clear that he isn't related to any of them.

Ford plans to continue his family cottage tradition. As he stated in February 2014:
“I’m not going to go to the Pride parade,” the mayor said. “I’ve never been to a Pride parade. I can’t change who I am.”

Why should I care?

In Canada, the families of politicians are generally left alone and that's a good thing. However, politicians frequently use their spouses, children and parents as props. This makes it hard to keep family out of the story. The Ford brothers are quick to demand privacy. As Doug once said "I just ask everyone to leave my kids, leave my family out of it — come and get me". Meanwhile, Rob drags his kids out to hastily-scheduled photo opps and humiliates his wife at globally-watched press conferences.

This blog focuses on Rob's dubious economic and political record and not his personal escapades. However, they clearly collide when he uses his family as a shield to deflect criticism (can't go to Pride - need to spend time with my family) and then ignores his family when he has other stuff to do (can't stay home for Family Day - need to score some crack). It would be funny - if Ford weren't a 44-year old man with a young family.

Ford should be more careful - with the Easter long weekend coming up, let's hope he manages to keep Good Friday from becoming a Very Bad Saturday.

How do I know you're not lying?

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  1. Actually, in 2010 he was campaigning in East York on Canada Day.