Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reader Mail: Ruminations on the primacy of council vs the chief magistrate

At we welcome your submissions! In this occasional piece we'll highlight contributions from readers that didn't quite make it into our official RFF series.

Today's post comes from an anonymous reader, who suggests that Rob Ford's attempts at reform were stymied by an intransigent city council:

4/8/2014 18:26:28

What's your Rob Ford fact?
That the blogger of this site is a lying, whiny bitch that forgets Ford is but 1 vote. Council is to blame son

Can you explain your fact?

Why should voters care?
bla bla bla

What's the source?

Do you want credit for your fact?

Looks like we have a Project Pat fan in the house! So keep on ridin' hundred thousand dollar cars and feelin' so damn pimpish, and don't forget to send in your facts.


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