Friday, April 4, 2014

Fact #7: Rob Ford charged taxpayers $130,000/year to hire his old football coach


It's true. Rob Ford hired David Price as director of logistics and operations in April 2013 at an annual salary of $130,000 (almost $25,000 more than a City Councillor). Ford and Price have been friends for years, dating back to high school, when Price was Rob Ford's football coach. The Globe and Mail reported that sources say Price sold hashish with Doug Ford in the 1980s. Price's employment was terminated after Ford's mayoral powers were stripped in November.

Despite this being Price's first political role, he was paid twice the rate of his predecessor. “You can’t teach loyalty,” Doug Ford told the Globe and Mail.

Why should I care?

Rob Ford promised to fight the "gravy train" at City Hall... and then turned around and hired his unqualified, temperamental, at-times-violent high school football coach as one of the most senior bureaucrats in Toronto. Not only was this an insult to City staff with longer tenure and infinitely more experience and qualifications, it was also a clear abuse of scarce tax dollars.

On the other hand, Price knows how to grow a bitching 'stache. So there's that.

How do I know you're not lying?

Rob Ford top adviser David Price no stranger to controversy
Rob Ford: David Price no longer working in the mayor’s office

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