Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fact #8: Rob Ford has missed over 1,070 council votes as mayor


It's true. From the beginning of his term in December 2010 to the end of March 2014, Rob Ford was absent for 1,070 of 6,294 votes on council motions. In contrast, Mary-Margaret McMahon has skipped out on a mere 242 votes.

Rob's absences include:

  • 22 motions related to the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, 
  • 14 motions related to budgets,
  • 25 votes on children's services,
  • 2 votes on repairing the Gardiner Expressway, and
  • 47 motions involving transit and the TTC.

Why should I care?

Just like the previous fact on Ford's council absences, this one speaks to his effectiveness as the self-styled Robin Hood of Toronto politics. That's also a ton of unexplained gaps for the guy who has "never missed a day of work" (maybe he meant ... at the ACC). If the guy you elected to "clean up the mess at city hall" doesn't bother to show up for one vote in six, you've got to wonder how serious they are about their job.

However, his football team did make it to the city finals. So there's that.

How do I know you're not lying?

Voting Record Reporting for Members of Toronto City Council

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