Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fact #23: Rob Ford called you a... (check all that apply)


It's true. Play along at home by checking off just some of the racist and derogatory terms from the vast repertoire of colourful invective that Rob Ford has employed over the years:

 Dog
 Dago
 Fag
 Gino-boy
 Kike
 Nigger
 Paki
 Pedophile
 Pussy*
 Taxpayer
 Wop

Know any more? Add them in the comments below!

*ok, so technically he may have only said that about part of you
** trick question - that one was actually Doug

Why should I care?

True, the language is offensive, but if it's ok for the Mayor of Toronto to say on air, in council, in a bar or in a crack-fueled drunken stupor, it's ok to print on the Internet.

Maybe you think it's wrong for the mayor to insult the very people who voted him in. On the other hand, maybe you think his language is ok so long as he saved a billion dollars (he didn't), shows respect for taxpayers (he doesn't) and reduces the size of government (he didn't).

This one's up to you.

How do I know you're not lying?

See sources above.


  1. If it was a drinking game, Toronto would be blitzed nightly.

  2. Bicyclist, self-victimizing, at the end of the day it would be my fault if I died, remember? His heart bleeds, but I'm the one swimming with the sharks.