Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fact #29: Ford math, or how spending $1/week is actually $1,664 in savings


It's true. Rob Ford's billion dollar savings claim is fueled by pure unicorn blood. If a city agency (say the parks department) asks for a $50 million increase on their $200 million budget, and council only approves a  $10 million increase, your spending has gone up by $10 million. You haven't saved $40 million, and you definitely haven't saved $320 million over eight years. But that's how Ford math works.

Why should I care?

At this point, who the hell knows. You've either realized that almost everything Rob says is a complete fabrication or you're convinced that the Toronto Star/CP24/Pinkos/Underpants Gnomes are conspiring to shove crack pipes in Rob's face and make him take drags.

Just remember that since Rob Ford took office your taxes have gone up, not down, the repair backlog for roads and TCHC have gone up, not down, and nobody saved you a billion dollars. That's what happens when you use real math.

How do I know you're not lying?

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