Friday, July 18, 2014

Fact #30: Rob Ford voted against funding the community street festivals that he uses for campaigning


It's true. Rob and Doug Ford were the only two members of council to vote against the 2014 Operating Budgets for BIAs. Once an area's businesses vote to form a BIA, they can apply to have the city collect a mandatory levy from commercial property owners on their behalf. Note that this is not a property tax increase, and is not paid for by anyone other the businesses who need it. These requests get rolled into one motion and are voted on in Council. The 2014 budgets passed by a vote of 36-2 with only the Fords opposed.

Why should I care?

Neighbourhood BIAs are formed to drive economic development, create jobs and streamline interactions with the three levels of government. They also contribute back to their communities by holding events such as Taste of the Kingsway and the BIG on Bloor festival. Those events are also, coincidentally, just the kind of reporter-free, selfie-rich location that Rob loves to use for his campaigning. Especially during the formal campaign period he's not there as the official representative of the city, so there's really no other need for him to be there.

The irony should not be lost on anyone that Ford is taking advantage of public events for personal purposes after voting against allowing the organizers of said events to collect funds from the businesses who themselves voted to allow said levies in the first place.

But nobody has done more for Toronto's communities than Rob Ford.

Hoe do I know you're not lying?

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