Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fact #M1: Mikey Ford's Ward 2 Resume


It's true. As the rumour mill ramps up about Michael Ford running to fill the vacating Ward 2 council seat (stories fed in no small part by Uncle Doug), it's time to add a third-generation Ford scion to the political mix.

Why is Mikey uniquely suited to serve as a city councillor?

  • He works as a camp councillor in Muskoka
  • He has an "account job" with Deco Labels
  • He has graduated high school
  • He can apparently fly a small plane

Oh yes, and his uncle is the current councillor for Ward 2, his other uncle is the mayor, and his grandpa was a one-term provincial backbencher in the 1990s. But that's probably just a remarkable coincidence.

Whether the Fords are indeed the Canadian Kennedys, the Canadian Kims or merely the Etobicoke Ignatieffs, one wonders how anyone* decided that it was a good idea to throw yet another generation under the political bus. For Mikey's sake (and for the residents of Ward 2), here's hoping that he sticks to what he knows best - campfire songs and teaching teenagers how to sail.

On the other hand, he probably doesn't smoke crack and it's hard to see how he could be a worse representative than Doug, so there's that.

How do I know you're not lying?

*Our money's on Diane

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