Monday, July 14, 2014

Introducing the Great Pothole Challenge: Ford vs. Councillor vs. 311

What's this all about?

One of the persistent themes of Rob Ford's administration is his willingness to personally return calls and help individual taxpayers by fixing their problems big and small. That's how he made his name as a councillor, and that's how he continues to serve taxpayers. This is a key plank in his re-election campaign. As the logic goes, "I don't care if he lies about smoking crack, LRTs and saving a billion dollars, as long as he saves a billion dollars and fixes my potholes he's got my vote."

Ford claims to respond to up to 100 calls every day, which at five minutes a pop comes out to about 8 hours daily on top of his mayoral duties, sleep and whatever it is Ford does in his time off. He also claims that this personal treatment is the best way to get things done at City Hall*. Is Rob Ford telling the truth this time? let's put that to the test.

The Great Pothole Challenge

Earlier this month we identified three potholes in need of repair. Each was on a different residential street somewhere in Toronto. They were roughly similar in size and didn't qualify for the "safety issue" emergency treatment. We randomly assigned them to Rob Ford, the local city councillor and 311, Toronto's central help desk. Each office was contacted, and then we sat back. And waited.

(We're not running the contest in real time, since that would leave it open to queue-jumping by one or more of the contestants)

How do I know you're not lying?

We will provide the addresses of each pothole at the end of the contest. Anyone who wants to can go see for themselves, or look up their status on the 311 website.

Stay tuned to as we reveal who won, who lost and who's still taking their time!

*Particularly if you are also a Deco client, but that's a different story

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