Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pothole Challenge Day 2: Oh Rob Ford, where art thou?

Here's a visual representation of the relative response times after Day 2 (counting from initial reply). If it takes about 15 minutes to make gravy, Toronto 311 took 1/3 of a gravy boat, Councillor Perks rolled in at 12 gravy boats, and Rob Ford was up to 192 gravy boats and counting.

What's this about?

We're running the Great Pothole Challenge, where we pit Rob Ford head-to-head against a random city councillor and 311 to see who can fix a pothole the fastest (we're reporting the contest with a time delay to prevent manipulation). We filed all of the requests on a weekday morning so there would be an even playing field. Here's how the first 48 hours played out:

Day 2: Toronto 311 & City Councillor:

By the end of Day 2, Toronto 311 and Gord Perks had both settled into their leads. Tickets had been raised and an inspection for each pothole had been promised within five working days.

Day 2: Rob Ford:

Oh Rob. Remember at last night's debate when you said you "return every call"? It's a good thing that you didn't add any descriptors such as "promptly" or "efficiently", because after 48 hours your pothole was starting to feel unloved. And it's not like there were any pressing mayoral duties to get in the way - if we wanted to test that we would have contact Norm Kelly's office. Maybe you meant "I return every call... at the ACC".

Day 2 Report Card:

Rob Ford
Councillor Perks
Toronto 311
3 hours
5 minutes
23 hours
5 minutes
Inspection Scheduled
23 hours
5 minutes

By the end of Day 2, Toronto 311 was in first place, with Councillor Perks a close second and no contact from Mayor Ford. After 48 hours all three potholes remained unrepaired.

What's next?

Tune in tomorrow to see if Rob noticed the blinking light on his phone!

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