Friday, July 25, 2014

Fact #31: Winner of the Great Pothole Challenge!: Perks crushes 311 at the wire, Rob Ford never returned our call

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We have a winner!

And on the tenth day we received an email from Councillor Perks' assistant to let us know that the repair had been completed the previous day. A quick visit to the site of the crime confirmed that the hole was indeed no longer. The 311 tracking database was updated shortly thereafter.

Despite the fastest response time, Toronto 311's pothole still remained unrepaired at press time. Perhaps this is because a councillor's inquiry gets higher priority, or because it was flagged as a more urgent repair. It also didn't hurt that we were able to attach a photo to the email vs. the 311 online form that doesn't allow images.
Meanwhile back at Ford Campaign Headquarters the Mayor's Office, things must be busy because nobody has responded to the message we left (we even called twice to try and get a live person, but no luck).

It's hard to draw any conclusions from this admittedly unscientific exercise. It could be a fluke that Perks' hole was filled first, or perhaps the Mayor's Office was too busy preparing to feed the homeless. On the other hand maybe, just maybe, a professional call centre with dozens of trained agents may be a tad bit better at processing routine service requests than an understaffed office of underpaid interns who are supposed to be spending their time actually running the city.

In that spirit, we've given Rob Ford a bit of a hand. While we wait for him to catch up on his voicemail we made a temporary tissue-based patch. Hopefully it will hold until the permanent repair kicks in:

Councillor Perks:

  • Pothole @ 63 Melbourne Ave.
  • Email sent 10:15am, 14 July
  • Toronto 311 ticket2830006

Toronto 311:

  • Pothole @ 23 Keywell Court
  • Online form submitted 10:10am, 14 July
  • Toronto 311 ticket101002828127

Rob Ford:

  • Pothole @ 190 Grenview Blvd. S.
  • Message left 10:22am, 14 July
  • Toronto 311 ticketN/A

Day 9 Report Card:

Rob Ford
Councillor Perks
Toronto 311
3 hours
5 minutes
23 hours
5 minutes
Inspection Scheduled
23 hours
5 minutes
"In Progress"
8 Days
5 Days
9 Days

By the end of Day 9,Councillor Perks' hole had been stuffed, Toronto 311's was still in progress and Mayor Ford never returned our call.

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  1. whatever Gord Perks doesn't even know the area he represents.

    I have emails from him claiming that I don't live in his area, unfortunately after I showed him the maps from the Toronto website, he disappeared in shame and the issue never got looked at.

    Can't wait until someone dies at that intersection, so I can forward those emails to the police and news about his ignorance and negligence,