Monday, August 18, 2014

Announcing the #RobFordIn140 Challenge: Tweet your summary of Rob Ford's first term and win!

It's contest time!

Downtown Elites - drop your half-caf non-fat soy lattes and fold up your bikes! Ford Nationistas - get ready to stash your spears and clubs! Rob Ford Facts is holding the #RobFordIn140 challenge, so get your submissions in today!

Here are some examples to get you started:

How does it work?

The contest is simple: just find the best way to summarize Rob Ford's first (and/or last) term as mayor in a single tweet. You can be pro-Ford, anti-Ford or bi-Fordian. You can be funy, scathing or coolly ironic in a detached sort of way. Tag it with #RobFordIn140 and submit by August 25th. We'll take the best entries (including both pros and cons) and open it up to an online vote.

The winner gets bragging rights and a choice of the following prizes:
  1. A $25 Starbucks frappuccino gift card;
  2. A one-year subscription to NASCAR Illustrated; or
  3. A $25 donation to the charity of your choice

What are the rules?

1. Entries must be contained in a single tweet
2. Entries must be tagged with #RobFordIn140 (more tags are fine but you need to include this one)
3. Pictures and graphics are prohibited (we can do an art contest next if there's interest)
5. Rudeness and disrespect will not be tolerated (just kidding - we're not your mother. Write whatever you want)
6. Entries must be posted to Twitter no later than midnight EDT on Monday, August 25th
7. We will take the best entries (based on a combination of likes/retweets and pure subjectivity) and put them up to a public vote on
8. Finalists will include both Ford-positive and Ford-negative entries
9. Voting will conclude at noon on Friday, August 29th
10. The entry with the most votes can choose one of the prizes listed above
11. Rules subject to change at any time. Contest not valid in the Province of Quebec

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