Thursday, September 25, 2014

Exclusive: Here's what's in Doug Ford's unreleased website


It's true. The "best webmaster in the world" has gone ahead and posted Doug Ford's website for the world to see... if you know where to look. Here's what's coming down the pipes (note that the site content may change between now and the "official" reveal).

We will annotate Doug's "facts" so be sure to check back!

Site extracts are below the break.


First and foremost Doug is a husband, father, son, brother and friend. He is also a public servant, entrepreneur, and community leader. His keen business instincts, dedication to excellence and desire to serve his community are all part of the experience and character Doug Ford brings to City Hall.
Doug resides in Etobicoke with his wife Karla and four daughters – Krista, Kayla, Kara and Kyla. Doug is the son of the late MPP Doug Ford Sr. and brother of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Doug and the Ford family have been lifelong residents of Etobicoke, where they have been highly involved members of their community. In 2010 Doug was elected Councillor for Ward 2 in Toronto.
Doug Ford is the President of Deco Labels & Tags and employs 250 people in Toronto, Chicago and New Jersey. Under the leadership of the Ford brothers. In 1999 Doug expanded Deco internationally, opening the company’s first U.S. division in Chicago, which has continued to grow over the past 15 years. In 2008 Doug purchased a failing company in New Jersey and successfully turned it into one of Deco’s most vibrant locations.
For over twenty years Doug was a member of the Toronto West Rotary Club, serving as Treasurer, Vice President and eventually as President. He was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Award, the highest award bestowed to a Rotarian for outstanding service to the community (ed: No it isn't). The Rotary motto of “Service Above Self” is one that the Ford family has always lived by.
Doug is committed to helping his community where he can and however he can. As a Councillor, Doug has donated his salary to a number of worthy charitable causes. He supports dozens of community initiatives in the greater Toronto area. Some especially close to his heart are the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, where he’s a volunteer and the Good Shepherd Ministries. As well as Day Care Visiting for Seniors, where Doug’s a board member. He is also the founder and past President of the Toronto Fall Fair (Rotary Centennial Park).
A huge sports fan, Doug follows baseball, college football and basketball,and coaches local sports in the community. He coached Martin Grove Baseball and Etobicoke Soccer for five years and has sponsored those teams as well as other teams for over 20 years.


Derailed The Gravy Train

Ended the out of control spending at City Hall- reduced annual spending growth by 98%.
Slashed Councillor expense budgets, saving $6.4 million over four years.
Put Councillors’ expenses and voting records online.
Uncovered and fought waste, and mismanagement at Toronto Community Housing Corporation.
Brought in a new board of directors and senior management team focused on improving tenant living conditions.

Put Taxpayers First

Kept property taxes low and reduced the average annual property tax increase to 1.5 per cent.
Saved $80 million by privatizing garbage collection west of Yonge Street, ensuring Toronto will never face another garbage strike.
Eliminated the dreaded personal vehicle tax. This has saved every car owner $240, per vehicle, in the last four years alone and kept $200 million in the pockets of Toronto taxpayers.
Negotiated historic labour deals with Toronto’s powerful public sector unions, which are fair to city staff, and to Toronto taxpayers, saving over $150 million.


Expanded Toronto’s subway system by bringing three levels of government together to build the Scarborough Subway.
Ensured Toronto will never face another costly and disruptive transit strike by making the TTC an essential service.
Invested $500 million in key TTC infrastructure, like upgrading signal systems and track maintenance, to improve TTC reliability and service.


Invested $10 billion to maintain existing infrastructure over the next 10 years.
Invested $1.2 billion on new infrastructure including transit, roads, bridges, sidewalks, water mains and playgrounds. Filled 200,000 potholes each year.
Fought gridlock by investing $20 million to coordinate 1000 traffic lights and upgraded traffic fighting systems.
Invested $137 million to maintain and upgrade Toronto parks and playgrounds. Upgraded equipment at over 122 playgrounds across Toronto.


Fostered economic growth and job creation by cutting red tape and keeping taxes low, creating a business-friendly environment.
Today, 58,000 more Torontonians are employed than when the Fords took office and Toronto’s GDP has grown by 12%.
Keeping Toronto competitive and viable. Toronto is now ranked the world’s Most Tax Competitive City (KPMG).
Broke tourism records three years in a row.


Achieved over $750 million in budget savings, while improving frontline services.
Strengthened Toronto’s financial future by reducing Toronto’s planned debt more than $500 million.


For The Taxpayers

The Taxpayers First Plan will help make life a little easier for Toronto businesses and residents. By running a more efficient City Government, we will continue lowering the tax burden on the middle class, while creating jobs and stimulating economic development.
“We need our tax dollars to unleash growth, not prevent it.”
Doug Ford, is committed to keeping your taxes low, keeping Toronto moving, and keeping Toronto accountable and competitive.
“I Doug Ford am 100% committed to finishing what Rob and I started together. Our plan is to continue to get things done for Toronto taxpayers.“
Please view the following briefs and stay tuned as we release more information on how Doug plans to save you money and what Doug will do as your Mayor.

I, Doug Ford, Will:

– Keeping property taxes below the rate of inflation
– Phasing out the Land Transfer Tax
– Continuing to fight against wasteful spending and new taxes at City Hall
– Oppose the implementation of road tolls and other costly transit taxes
– Keeping commercial and property taxes low
– Continuing to cut unnecessary red tape
– Continuing to fight traffic congestion, keeping businesses moving
– Continuing to invest in transportation and transit infrastructure
– Contracting out garbage collection east of Yonge Street
– Bargaining hard with city unions during upcoming contract negotiations, to get a fair deal
– Eliminating perks, like the bottomless Council General Expense Budget
– Investing in the Auditor General’s Office to help uncover more waste, fraud and mismanagement
– Building the Sheppard Subway, the Yonge Relief Line and the Finch Subway
– Investing each year to immediately improve our TTC service
– Investing in technology to fight gridlock and congestion
– Opposing plans to tear down the Gardiner Expressway
– Supporting the island airport expansion
– Fighting for Toronto’s fair share of federal and provincial infrastructure funding

Our Subway Plan


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Doug Ford will be holding a series of Virtual Townhall Meetings over the next week and wants to hear from you!
We will cover dozens of wards through-out Toronto in what is being billed as the first Virtual Campaign Tour.
Don’t worry Doug’s is also knocking on thousands of  doors as part of his grassroots ground tour so check back soon and find out when Doug will be in your neighborhood.


The population of Toronto will double in the coming decades.
We must invest today in rapid underground transit that can accommodate future demands and stimulate economic development.
We need a world-class subway system that will keep Toronto competitive.
Doug Ford is going to revolutionize our city’s transit system and keep it simple.
Subways  underground NOT on the Road.


Get Involved

A lot of the city’s elite would rather a Ford not be in office minding the till so they can start up the gravy train again.
We’re asking you to jump in, get involved and volunteer today!

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