Monday, October 6, 2014

Does Doug Ford really donate his salary to charity? Time for him to prove it.

Does Doug Ford do what he claims?

After the 2010 election, Doug Ford promised to donate his salary to charity. This claim has been repeated many times, and continues to be quoted as evidence of his community focus.

Just one day after he was elected to his brother's former council seat, Ford vowed he will donate his entire councillor salary of around $100,000 to community organizations during his entire four-year term. 
"I'm going to donate it back into the community and different community organizations," Ford said Tuesday. "When Rob asked me to get involved I told him pretty clearly that I'm not going to be down there for a position or a paycheque." 
Ford said he hasn't settled on the groups he would donate to yet but he said he is looking for organizations that can leverage the support.
"It's just something I want to do to help out the community," he said.

The only problem is, nobody knows if Doug Ford is telling the truth (readers may note that this is a recurring theme). When he does talk about donations, such as the $3,500 to Pride, he often clarifies to say that it was "free printing services", not cash. Now, one could argue that the whole idea of donating your salary is stupid, because it implies that a councillor's job isn't worth getting paid to do (it is), and that politics should be left to those who are rich enough to treat it like a hobby (it shouldn't). Nevertheless, if you are going to make it a major part of your election campaign, maybe you should show some proof.

Time to see some proof

It's time to hold Doug to account. If he has been donating his salary as promised, he should be almost half a million dollars in charitable donation slips to show for it ($421,588 to be precise). Is he still pretending that Deco donations in time or services count towards the total? Is he claiming Deco cash donations as his own?

If Doug is telling the truth he can prove it. Easily.

Ask Doug to "Show You The Slips":

"Doug Ford: It's time to show us the slips and prove you donated your salary"

Call 416-751-3673

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