Friday, October 10, 2014

Will the Rotary Club stand up to Doug Ford's lie? We've asked - let's see what they say

What's this all about?

We've covered this topic before. Basically, Doug Ford is padding his extremely thin resume by exaggerating the breadth and depth of his community service. In particular, he claims that he has been recognized by Rotary International for extraordinary contributions to his community, while in fact he has received a rather routine club-level recognition that only required a cash donation (and for which there are several hundred thousand recipients around the world).

Doug's false claim insults all of the worthy recipients of actual service awards, including Rotary's truly-prestigious Service Above Self award. Will Rotary International stand up to this obvious lie? Check back to see how they reply!

Darwin LeSinge <> Fri, Oct 10, 2014
To: chris@*******.ca
Cc: 137clarke@******.com 
Hello Chris,
I was wondering if I could get your thoughts a current municipal election issue.
I understand that you are one of the few Toronto-area recipients of Rotary International's prestigious Service Above Self award, and that you earned this recognition after a career of substantial public service. Rotary International's website lists this as the "highest honour" that they can bestow (congrats, by the way!). 
Doug Ford likes to declare his Rotary membership as evidence of public service, though he never provides much in the way of details. One item that is mentioned on his official City of Toronto and campaign website bios is that he is the recipient of a Paul Harris Fellow award which he calls the "the highest award bestowed to a Rotarian for outstanding service to the community". 
However, it's my understanding that this award is given to anyone who donates $1,000 to Rotary, or has a donation in their name. Actual community service does not appear to be part of the criteria. I understand that there is even a special recognition when everyone in a chapter has earned the honour. 
Giving $1,000 is a worthy goal, but it is hardly extraordinary. As a distinguished Rotary member, do you feel that Doug Ford's claims are misleading and unethical? Do you feel that they reflect poorly on the values that Rotary International promotes? Is Rotary going to take steps to distance themselves from Doug Ford's claims prior to the election?
I am very interested to hear your thoughts. 
cc: Richard Clarke, Director Rotary Foundation Canada

How should Rotary respond?

We're interested to hear your thoughts - add your comments below!

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