The Big List

Still considering voting for a Ford? Read these facts before you make up your mind.

Rob Ford and Doug Ford Facts:

1: Rob Ford misses over half of council votes before 10:00am
2: Rob Ford's campaign manager is paid $400/day. By taxpayers.
3: Rob Ford used his office budget for home delivery of vodka and cigarettes
4: Rob Ford spent your tax dollars on his home maintenance
5: Rob Ford promised $1B in private subway financing and raised $0
6: Rob Ford promised "up to 10" new subway stations by 2015 and built 0
7: Rob Ford charged taxpayers $130,000/year to hire his old football coach
8: Rob Ford has missed over 1,070 council votes as mayor
9: Rob Ford spent Canada Day weekend at his cottage and Family Day weekend at his crack house
10: The $250M road repair backlog that Rob Ford promised to erase is now up to $342M
11: Taxpayers reimbursed $280k to non-Toronto Rob Ford donors
12: On the weekend he was filmed smoking crack, Rob Ford skipped five official city events
13: Your property taxes have gone up by $228/year under Rob Ford
14: Rob Ford lied to you when he said the Scarborough LRT would disrupt traffic
15: Rob Ford's transit flip-flops have cost taxpayers over $165M in cancellation fees
16: Rob Ford takes credit for keeping global interest rates low
17: Ford Fest's free food and alcohol was provided by a nightclub lobbyist
18: Rob Ford voted against enforcing worker safety laws
19: Rob Ford Math: $371M Fire Budget (2010) – $8M "Savings" = $423M Fire Budget (2014)
20: Rob Ford lied to you about pretty much everything
21: There's no evidence that Rob Ford is actually in rehab

22: Doug Ford used tax dollars to help his Deco client avoid a pollution fine
23: Rob Ford called you a... (check all that apply)
24: Rob Ford's drug money funded a gun smuggling ring
25: Rob and Doug Ford used your tax dollars to help close their private business deal
26: Rob Ford is using the taxpayer-funded mayor's office for campaigning
27: Doug Ford bought his Rotary Club award for $1,000
28: Losing a few pounds doesn't make the _________ ok
29: Ford math, or how spending $1/week is actually $1,664 in savings
30: Rob Ford voted against funding the community street festivals that he uses for campaigning
31: Rob Ford never returned our call
32: Doug Ford Sr. did not, as his family claims, swim Lake Ontario with Marilyn Bell
33: Rob Ford's 2010 Transit Plan - Promises Made: 14. Promises Kept: 0
34: Doug Ford had the worst (non-medical) attendance record at City Hall
35: This is what it looks like to lose control of City Council
36: Rob Ford was chauffeured to his crack binges by a city employee
37: Here's what's in Doug Ford's unreleased website
38: Rob Ford posed for selfies at the scene of a fatal accident
39: Does Doug Ford really donate his salary to charity? Time for him to prove it.
40: Doug Ford claims that his evangelical Christian wife and kids are Jewish
41: Doug Ford skipped major votes on Eglinton Connects, Build Toronto, Portlands, TCHC and more
42: We called Rob Ford's Office about a pothole 102 days ago... and never heard back

Plus a much shorter list of facts for the elusive TDSB Candidate Michael Ford: